Planning A Gluten Free Road Trip

Planning A Gluten Free Road Trip

 I'm in planning mode (which starts out as panic mode, then once I have a moment of clarity to get me in gear, get my to-do list organized, then it finally turns into planning mode. It's my process). In one week from today we will be doing some serious road tripping. A five hour drive to Salt Lake City to record a cooking segment on channel 4 Good Things Utah (go check out my first appearance on the show making Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies), a wedding, then a 2 day drive to Arkansas to visit my grandma and relatives there! With four kids...9 years down to 10 months a vehicle...driving for days...Ahhhh! Sorry, moment of panic.My worry isn't so much the car ride (although it should prove interesting trying to entertain a baby for hours a day who hates being in his car seat and isn't interested in movies yet). No, my biggest anxiety is keeping my gluten sensitive daughter fed while away from my safe gluten free kitchen. This morning as I sat on the floor with Dax while he played with his toys, Miah came and sat beside me and simply said, "I wish I could have gluten too." She wasn't upset, just thoughtful. "It's not always easy being different," I said with a smile, "but different is good too." Different is good, but I can make it easier by planning ahead and being prepared with knowledge and gluten free food ready to go. So now that panic mode has passed, I am preparing so we can make wonderful memories.

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