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 So I decided to let you in on some of the conversations I had this last weekend and some interesting things I keep thinking.Obviously I'm a bit of a "health nut" (no surprise there).  I enjoy learning about and applying good nutrition and sharing that information with others.  However, I've found that some people just do not care what's in the food they eat or why it's good or bad, just as long as it tastes good.  So the question is, does it make one a "nut" if you do care?I've read books and health journals that say more whole, organic foods, less meats and fats are the way to keep arteries clean, organs running properly, and lose or maintain a healthy weight.  But there is more to health than just what you eat (although its a major factor).  It's also your stress levels.Western society has been dubbed as overweight, unhealthy and overall sick!  Diseases like heart disease, cancer, obesity and its consequential offshoot diseases have all become rampant in America and other "developed" countries.  All this despite the fact that we have the best medical technologies and sanitation systems in the world.  Which makes me think that another culprit of American life is to blame.National Geographic did a documentary on some ground breaking studies of stress and it's effect on our health.  Its not just a mental thing, they said, its actually physiological.  That fight or flight response (the original stress) found in every living creature has been taken to a whole new level in our society.  Now instead of our heart racing only when we're being chased by a hungry lion, we lie awake at night with our heart racing, mind working while we stress over family, money, work, school, global warming, whatever!So how do we combat such illusive predators without adding to the stress.  Here's some helpful suggestions:

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Melissa Cornwall has spent years researching and implementing nutritionally-based approaches to health and wellness. Her lifelong love of food and health evolved from a hobby to a passion when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.

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