Big black storm clouds rumbled in last night bringing a heavy down pour of rain. The 100+ degree temperature of this last month of summer seemed to leave the ground sizzling as the big rain drops splashed down - like cool water in a hot skillet. The effect released all the aromas of sage and earth. It was delicious! (Although the littler kids didn't appreciate the "growly" thunder.)

Chicken & Shrimp Lime Soup over quinoa or rice for dinner would go along with a night like this. It's so light and refreshing, yet comforting and filling at the same time. In other words, perfect for the last days of summer and an effortless way to transition seasons. Of course, to me anything with shrimp gets my vote. Only about half of my kids love shrimp as much as the rest of us, but that just means I get what they don't eat. What's better than all that, is how quickly this dinner comes together. Since the chicken is already cooked it really only takes as long as the quinoa or rice to cook.

I made my homemade chicken bone broth, which I store in pre-measured containers in the freezer or that have been bottled in a pressure cooker, and then shred the meat from the whole roasted chicken I used to make the broth. There were so many levels of flavor going on! If you're fresh out of whole roasted chicken, then left over grilled chicken works wonderfully too.

chicken shrimp lime soup





 Chicken & Shrimp Lime Soup



Over Quinoa or Rice



Heat the butter or oil in the pot and add garlic and onions. Saute several minutes until they begin to caramelize before adding the chicken broth  and remaining ingredients. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Let everything simmer together while the quinoa or rice finishes cooking (about 20 - 30 minutes). Pour a ladle full of Lime Soup over top and enjoy as is or with some fresh avocado slices on top.


Food Lamor by Melissa