Kisses For Kycie

It's part of human nature to forget; Forget how blessed we are, how important each one of us is, and how loved we all are by our Father in Heaven. I believe in a loving God who understand perfectly every facet of our lives and loves us perfectly.

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I've been so caught up in the business of raising four children, blogging, and all the other details that I felt like I'd kind of lost the bigger picture. I forgot why I started blogging about gluten free food and fitness goals in the first place. Luckily, we have lots of opportunities to be reminded of why we started the journey in the first place. Mine came the other day.

I'd seen a few posts on my Facebook feed with the picture of a beautiful blond headed little girl and a request for prayers - Kisses for Kycie. This little girl lives in my area, although I have never had the pleasure of meeting her or her family. However, as I read their story tears ran down my face. Kycie had diabetes...but no one knew until her blood sugar levels skyrocketed and she was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital where she is now struggling for her life. I continue to see updates on Kycie's condition via Facebook and my most heartfelt prayers are with her and her family.

I was so touched by their story because I've been there. Yes, our circumstances were different and although my Miah was also fighting for her life with an autoimmune disease of the intestines, her fight was and is different. I believe as a parent the feelings of helplessness and hope, fear and faith, are the same no matter what kind of struggle our children are going through. More than that, a life changing event like this makes more evident the miracles and mercies in our lives.

Each of us are fighting for our lives - fighting for the life we want, hope for, or feel we deserve.  Each one of our struggles are different, yet no one's fight is any less important or necessary for their personal growth.

I'm so grateful for the constant reminder of the change I went through two years ago. To keep my daughter healthy now I have to make a constant, conscious effort every single day by learning to cook in ways I'd never had to before and with food I'd never heard of. Miah's personal struggle benefited our entire family and changed me for the better. Yes, I may have developed some serious anxieties over the last two years, but maybe with a little more reminding and a little more faith those fears will subside.

We were so blessed then and now and, even after spending nearly a month at the children's hospital, have had to pay a substantially small amount of the high medical costs involved with her care.

Please keep Kycie and her family in your prayers and if you'd like to help with the medical cost you can donate HERE as well as read the full story and updates.


Thank you for joining me on my journey and being part of Food L'amor

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Sunday, 26 September 2021

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