My 8 Week CrossFit Challenge - Part 1



It's the dawn of a new day...metaphorically and literally speaking. After years of failed attempts to get me to CrossFit, it finally happened. I've always loved working out, but my idea of exercise is a long hard run and some yard work. 

Fine! I'll try it.

Okay, so it wasn't too hard to convince me to start showing up since the only thing holding me back was my pride. I've never done any weight lifting and...well...I'm super competitive and can't stand being the worst at something! Also, I'm a closet introvert who masquerades as an extrovert. I'm naturally very shy when I'm out of my element and a gym full of crazy fit people who can do handstand push-ups and lift obscene amounts of weight over their head is just a little intimidating to say the least. Bad excuse, I know.

Ok, I'm in.

Everyone gets an official, detailed, personal body mass evaluation or BodPod (more on that in a minute) at the beginning and end of the challenge. The team with the most overall improvement at the end of the 8 weeks wins.

The BodPod looks like an escape pod from all the sci-fi movies you've seen. No rocket boosters though, just close the hatch, change the air pressure, take measurements. I'm not sure how, but it's able to measure your weight then tell you how much of your total weight is from fat, muscle, and other stuff like bones and organs.

My results weren't too bad. Because I've been following a pretty clean diet I've remained moderately lean despite having four children. However, that moderately lean is more of a squishy lean than muscular lean. Here's the numbers...

Height 5 ' 6" , Age 30

Body Mass >>>>> 119.703

Fat Mass >>>>>> 24.3%

Fat Free Mass >> 75.7 %

So, now I'm doing a CrossFit challenge and I'm taking you all on the journey with me!

My goal is to replace some of that squishy with muscle and build up my stamina. I have eight weeks, an awesome trainer, and an amazing team!

I'll keep everyone posted on my nutrition plan, benchmarks, and fun tidbits along the way. Wish me luck!

Food Lamor by Melissa

Poached Egg on Orange Quinoa & Greens
Paleo Dinner Rolls

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Guest - Nicole Callahan on Monday, 27 October 2014 03:27

Good Luck!!! Let me know if you need a massage lol

Good Luck!!! Let me know if you need a massage lol
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