photo joiner

Over New Years we woke up to snow. This is kind of an anomaly in the desert and my children were beyond thrilled. It wasn't a ton and it melted by the end of the day, but the kids pulled on their snow gear and played in it for all they were worth.

The start of a new year always inspires the inevitable resolutions. It can be a wonderfully renewing and reinventing experience. Sometimes, though our well-intended resolve is a lot like snow in the dessert - a fresh blanket covering all the rocky spots; a clean canvas. But as soon as the sun is at it's highest and you've ventured out with fresh resolve, you find that the rocky patches and prickly plants are still there just like before. The snow melts quickly and it appears that nothing has changed...except maybe that now it's a little more muddy.

I love setting goals - lots of goals! The new year is a perfect time to reaffirm our convictions. The test of those convictions comes when the snow starts to melt. Maybe my feelings are less about snow and mud and more about choosing to wake up each morning to a clean canvas. As if waking up everyday to a fresh blanket of snow. Yes, the stumbling blocks are still there, but they're not what I'm going to focus on. All I'm going to choose to see is the possibility of what I can do with all that fresh, clean snow. Build anything, do anything. And hopefully if I keep moving forward then one day I'll look down to find that the old rocks and prickly bushes that used to trip me up aren't there anymore.

Here's to waking up to snow!

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