12 Week Marathon Training Schedule!

I'm sorry. Did you say a 12 week full marathon training schedule? 
Yes, I did.

Maybe I'm a little crazy or maybe it's something else, but a few weeks ago when I found out that I had missed the registration deadline for the St. George marathon in October - the race I had been dreaming of and planning for - I was devastated. I was furious! I was absolutely not going to accept my oversight as anything except an obstacle that needed to be navigated. I am going to run a marathon this year...no matter what!

So I went searching for another race. It had to be within a reasonable traveling distance and not too late in the year. I found one. The Desseret News Classic in Salt Lake City. There was just one thing...the marathon is in 12 weeks!
Ladies and gentlemen, at this point the farthest I have ever ran in my life at one time was 9-ish miles...once. But let me tell you, whatever it is that is driving me toward completing this goal has so much more to do with life than running. It's about the process. What I've found as I've had to commit in a way I hadn't before is a depth of understanding of myself, my purpose, and my potential. That's pretty deep for a post about running, but true none the less.

I've done 3 things that I can tell you right now have increased my strength and capabilities at a rate much quicker than I could have done otherwise:

    1. Join A Running Club - Find a mentor(s) and run with friends. Runners are some of the nicest people! Not only will you have a community of support, but you will also have expert training. The weekday track workouts and tempo runs have been invaluable in building up my endurance and confidence. 
    2. Follow a Running Schedule - There are a lot of books (the Hansons Marathon Method is a good one) or online programs (Hal Higdon Training Program) that will help you train to run a great race. Most training schedules, however, require 18 weeks...I didn't have that long. So after looking at several training programs I had to come up with my own.
    3. Enjoy the Journey - Any worthwhile goal will involve some ups and downs (and I'm not just talking about hills). Embrace the process. I've found that I've felt more gratitude for the little accomplishments and had more optimism during the struggles as I've accepted the process of growth - sore muscles, early mornings and all.

*Don't over do it! The weekday runs should be geared toward shorter distances at a quicker pace. I made the mistake of doing a HIIT training along with my running workouts during the week and have been paying for it since. The schedule I've come up with is pretty intense, especially for the first time marathoner (umm...me) so go easy on yourself and only do what you can. I suggest only yoga and/or Pilates in between your weekday runs.  I am not qualified to train athletes so please follow this schedule only with the advice of your doctor and experts.







12 Week Marathon Training Schedule

My 12 week training schedule focuses on the long weekend runs. While the weekdays are for yoga/palates and twice a week speed and tempo workouts with the running club. 



Week #                                               Weekend Miles

Week 1 --- 6 miles

Week 2 --- 8 miles

Week 3 --- 10 miles

Week 4 --- 15 miles

Week 5 --- 12 miles

Week 6 --- 18 miles

Week 7 --- 14 miles

Week 8 --- 20 miles

Week 9 --- 12 miles

Week 10 -- 10 miles

Week 11 -- 8 miles

Week 12 -- Marathon!

Happy running!

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Sunday, 26 September 2021

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