Got Essential Oils? Healing Oils: The Ins & Outs


How many times have you heard about the health benefits of essential oils? Coconut oil? Well, there's a good reason - oil is AMAZING!
I'll admit, I was once a skeptic about oil - confused by all the misinformation. The more I've learned the more I understand how beneficial a little oil can be in healing, preventing, and curing the body. The cool thing about oils is that many can be used internally and externally.
However, if you would have asked someone 20 years ago about, say, coconut oil you may have heard a different story. Did you know that coconut oil was once used to make movie theater popcorn in place of butter? Outraged movie-goers, and I'm sure more than a few industries whose sales margins were dropping, claimed the fattening oil was unhealthy and should no longer be allowed in U.S. concessions food. Coconut oil has made a comeback, but I'm sure it won't be the last time that the debate over healthy vs. unhealthy oils is discussed.
It's not just coconut oil that's getting accolades for being healthy. Essential oils, like Doterra Essential Oils are produced by distilling the potent oils from organic healing plants and herbs from around the world. These types of oils have been used for thousands of years to heal and support the health of the user.

Using healthy oil to cook with can add flavor and nutrients to any dish. Here's my top 4 picks for healthy oil to use in everyday cooking and their healing capabilities.



How do you use essential oils?


One of the best ways to use essential oils other than taking them internally is topically. (*Always read precautions and usage for each oil to know how to use it safely. Not all essential oils are safe to use internally and some need to be mixed with a carrier oil, like coconut oil. For more information on essential oils, uses, benefits and where to get them go here!)


My daily routine with the essential oils goes something like this...On Guard blend on the bottom of the kid's feet before school (immune support), a drop of Frankincense on the back of everyone's neck for focus and mental clarity, Clary Calm blend on the bottom of feet or abdomen for me when it's that time of the month (hormone balancing blend), Citrus Bliss blend diffused into the air throughout the day (happy magic!), Deep Blue Rub after a workout, and Lavender on the bottom of the kid's feet before bed.

I've also discovered how amazing combining coconut oil and essential oils are for my skin. I went through a pretty rough patch with acne a few years back. All those expensive treatments I bought did nothing or made it worse. Then I discovered oils and I love my skin again! My face is clear and if I start to get a breakout, it clears up 10x faster. Lavender soothes skin and combats all those bacteria that can cause pimples. Frankincense heals scars, wrinkles, and is another anti-bacterial/anti-fungal kick to acne's butt.
Now each night before bed I rub some of my specially-made coconut oil/essential oil concoction onto my face while I run hot tap water over a wash cloth. Take the wash cloth and hold it over my face. Give it a good steam, then gently rub it off. If I need more moisture I take a dab of the oil blend, rub into my hands and then onto my face and neck. If my face seems too oily then I take good old Corn Starch and lightly dust some onto my face with a clean makeup brush to absorb the excess. If I'm having some breakouts I take a tablespoon or two of coconut oil in a separate jar and add to it the Melaluca, Lemongrass and Geranium. Then I just dab it onto the blemish, or I use the Doterra Clear Skin Topical Blend. 


Bottom line; adding healthy oils to your daily regimen can prevent and heal, keeping you and your family healthy and happy.




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