May I just say for my fellow mothers-of-children-with-special-diets: irately glaring at the snack aisle of the grocery store does nothing but add wrinkles to your forehead.

Once I got over my irritation, I decided to solicit the help from my more positive, thrifty, and creative side to make a snack that was not only healthy, but was certain to fit all the criteria for my special-diet-daughter.

Making your own Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks can be economical (since you're thrifty too and use fruit in season). Plus you know there will be no question that it's made with "real fruit" (and a little veggies too) and will be safe and healthy for your kiddos.

These are made with gelatin, which has been proven to be very beneficial for skin, hair, nails, arthritis, bone health, and is very helpful to those with leaky gut or other intestinal crohn's and/or celiac.

P.S. You can use an adorable mold like this flower one or just rub some coconut oil in the bottom of a bread pan and cut into cubes once it's set.



Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks



Strawberry, Pear, Carrot Fruit Snacks

*Organic ingredients are best whenever possible.


Get creative when it comes to the many combinations you can put together with seasonal fruit and veggies:

Hot Pink Peach-Raspberry (with beet juice)

Green Apple (applesauce and spinach)

Kiwi-Mango with coconut water, etc.

If you have a juicer and/or a blender then the possibilites are endless! 




Food Lamor by Melissa