Nutritional Connections Podcast

Episode 1: Nutrition & Love

Food + L'amor = Nutrition + Love.

How does the way we nourish the human body effect and connect to every other facet of our lives?

It wasn't until my youngest daughter developed an autoimmune disease that I came to understand this. The way this disorder unfolded was the catalyst to help me discover the true connection between nutrition and love, and how that translates into nurturing. I learned how to cook gluten free, grain free, dairy free, with no refined sugar and, as such opened the eyes of doctors and specialists who had never seen such a severe case approached from a dietary standpoint. It was a bit revolutionary and sometimes very frustrating and discouraging, but now she is a tenacious and healthy little girl. In this podcast I tell a little of my story, give a quick breakdown on my approach to healing through nutrition in 3 key ways, and open up the discussion that connects loving and nurturing our bodies back to health.