Apple Turkey Burger Sliders on Gluten Free Rolls

Anything that can pack a full-sized punch of flavor into a miniature fit-in-one-hand package is bound to be a hit. These seasoned turkey burger sliders with caramelized onions and apples over melted provolone cheese on homemade gluten free rolls are perfect for a Labor Day barbeque or to kick off a new season of football. Making the rolls before hand makes this bitesized meal come together even quicker, too.

Serve them along with some Fresh Veggie Southwestern Salsa and corn tortilla chips, Cantaloupe Caprese or Watermelon Bruschetta With Marinated Basil Cucumbers & Feta, and some GF Double Chocolate Brownies for dessert.

"Wait. Wait. Is this healthy party food you're suggesting?"

YES! We humans are social eaters, but wouldn't it be awesome if no one had to make compromises when they got together with friends? Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy one anothers company while eating yummy food, and not feel sluggish, bloated or otherwise exhausted from the simple act of digestion?

I didn't think I had any problem with how I ate until I did a little purification. Our house is gluten-free now, and although I can and do eat wheat when I'm out with friends, I've found that eating refined, bleached wheat and sugars makes me feel kind of sick. I never knew how much that stuff was effecting me until I stopped eating it.

The point is, eating clean (unprocessed/unrefined) while accommodating food allergies doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste or make 10 different meals. You can have the best of both worlds, trust me!

For starters, having some gluten free rolls in the freezer ready for whenever is just a good idea. Gluten Free Quick Roll recipe coming soon! 
Now for the sliders...

Using a nonstick skillet works best for turkey burger. I made the mistake of using my stainless steel pan and ended up scraping the bottom a lot. A nonstick will help eliminate that issue. Also I didn't bother coring the apples. I just rinsed, sliced, and popped out the seeds. Steaming them over the onions helps to soften any tough middle parts.




Gluten Free Quick Rolls
Zucchini Paleo Pizza Crust!

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Saturday, 23 October 2021

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