3 Natural Ways to Manage Inflammation

Inflammation is the body's natural and helpful response to injury or illness. Basically, it means that the body is alerted to a problem and sends reinforcements via added blood (and white blood cells). However, when inflammation becomes chronic then it begins doing more damage than good. Doctors and researching have been working on new ways to combat disease by understanding this immune response.
Mastery of the inflammatory response should aid the development of novel strategies to predict disease susceptibility, target and monitor therapies, and ultimately develop new approaches to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases...
Libby, Peter. Inflammitory Mechanisms: The Molecular Basis of Inflammation and Disease; Oxford University Press
While there are many pharmaceuticals on the market that may help with this inflammatory response there are always natural ways to reduce  it in a healthy way. Here are 3 simple ways to manage inflammation....

1. Turmeric Tonic

When you think of turmeric you probably think of Tiki Masala or some other kind of Indian curry dish. Turmeric gives these ethnic foods their distinct yellowish color and earthy flavor. But did you also know that turmeric (specifically the main ingredient in turmeric called curcumin) is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory? However, the only way to really absorb this beneficial spice properly and do the most good is to eat it with black pepper. These two spices together allow the body to absorb and utilize the curcumin and give you the best results. Now I can totally justify my extreme love of curry!
You don't have to just get the benefits of turmeric occasionally just from your curry though. You can take a shot every morning to start your day off right. A Turmeric Tonic usually consists of a few essential ingredients: turmeric root, citrus (usually lemon or orange), ginger root, water, and a little sweetener such as honey.  
Here's a yummy looking recipe by Heather at Mommypotomus that's simple to make: Wellness Shot - Turmeric Tonic

2. Frankincense oil

If there was ever a cure-all essential oil it would be frankincense. Frankincense has been known for it's medicinal qualities for thousands of years and considered holy in some cultures. It's anti-inflammatory as well as anti-depressant, anti-infectious, antiseptic, and immune stimulant properties can help with any kind of inflammation, mood/depression, viruses, Alzheimer's, aneurysm, arthritis, asthma, brain injury, cancer, and supports the immune system. Yes, it even helps reverse aging and reduce wrinkles! Like I said, a cure-all.
Not all essential oils are created equal so be sure to use a brand that is made from pure, organic ingredients and check the manufacturer for how to use the oils. I use Doterra oils - you can learn more about them here - and have used Frankincense topically (on the bottom of the feet or diluted with coconut oil directly on the needed area), aromatically (open the lid and take a deep breath for mental clarity and a mood enhancer), and internally (a few drops in a capsule).

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