"Don't Look around, look up!"

2017 was a year of intense life changes. Some of those changes were the fulfillment of goals and amazing positive learning experiences. I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Functional Wellness and started working as a nutritionist. However, some changes were not all what I would qualify as positive, though there certainly is things to learn from it. My marriage of 14 years unexpectedly dissolved and I have found myself a single mom of four. Speaking of children, my oldest became a teenager which is inherently an intense change - not to mention the new phases and life changes each of my other 3 children have experienced. 

It has been a year where my faith, confidence, and patience (not to mention mental/emotional health) has been tested like I have never experienced before. And sitting here at the end of it, I can now say that I am stronger today than I was before. I'm more compassionate, better at maintaining healthy boundaries, and learning to be more kind (to myself and others). 

In short, I choose happiness. I choose to not consider circumstances outside my ability to control with negativity any longer. I choose to see it as an opportunity for greater growth, new experiences, and possibilities. Anger doesn't serve me and I don't like how I feel or respond when I allow anger, hurt feelings, resentment, or blaming to take up residence in me.
I also won't just be nice anymore (Hear me out on this one). Most of the time people are "nice" to each other, which is...nice. However, what you and I need to be more of is kind.
The difference is that niceness has a tendency to sacrifice personal happiness or well being for the happiness or well being of another. That's nice, but it robs the one sacrificing and breeds resentment, defensiveness, taking advantage, and misunderstanding.
Kindness, on the other hand respects each individual person's boundaries and limits, while also acting or speaking in ways that promote the well being and happiness of another.

I'm heading into the new year with a plan, hope, and faith, despite all the remaining fears. I'm looking forward and up. I have so many amazing things in the works for the newly revamped Food & L'amor this coming year. Bring it on 2018!

"Don't look around, look up!" - Yoon Hwan Choi

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Melissa Moore has spent years researching and implementing nutritionally-based approaches to health and wellness. Her lifelong love of food and health evolved from a hobby to a passion when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.

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